Singel 459
1012WP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Dutch brand Patta have moved in to the former Precinct 9 store location- an old police station. As well Patta’s own range, the store will stock selected footwear, clothing and accessories, and will also be Amsterdam’s official Stussy flagship supplier.

Design wise, the store isn’t as clean and contemporary as many other shops appealing to a similar customer. Exposed pipes and roof supports give an industrial feel to the open environment, semi-segmented by partitions which create additional wall space to hang product from and display against a white background. The polished concrete flooring is in keeping with the brands skateboarding roots and adds to the ‘outdoors/indoors’ concept that runs through out the store in all fixtures and fittings.

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Monday May 5 @ 08:35pm
tagged as: patta. stussy. new store. store design. visual merchandising.

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